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Whack your disk by drawing deflector lines through physics-based Labyrinth of Ray. Explore a maze full of action & surprises and get ready to be totally addicted!
Venture into the labyrinth of Rayado, find ideal trajectories and confront its fast-paced challenges.

Draw lines of blue energy to juggle your disk through clever obstacles and overcome tricky opponents with fast reactions.
Sneaky enemies are luring in turns and corners and will try to stop your path. But you won?t let them, right?

Also, don?t be too generous with your blue energy, or you won?t make it through?

Follow those rules to survive and conquer the labyrinth:
Avoid RED - Hit GREEN - Collect BLUE!
Enjoy the diversity provided by environment obstacles, shooting and hacking opponents and collect loot in secret passages and chambers!

Push your skills to the limit as you make your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles.

Only the most skilled will venture far enough and win over the Labyrinth of Ray!

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