It's time to draw the line!
Delve into the world of Rayado and guide your disk through all the challenging and diverse stages. The rules to survive are simple: Don't run out of energy. Stay inside the screen. And don't hit anything red!
Download and play the game now from Google Play

Bust'em Bandits CardDuel

When in doubt, let your horse do the thinkin!
Join Sheriff McWright, Sharpshooter Shirley Star and other notorious Wild West lawmen & outlaws and prove yourself in MEMORable card duels!
Download and play the game now from Google Play

Tappy Duck

WOW them with DUCKPOWER!
Discover the adventures of Tappy duckling, the adorable yet energetic hero, fighting to preserve his homeland from the evil rats invasion! Deploy your rising superpowers to overcome challenging obstacles in the endless underground system of sewers?


Marble madness based on math and skill!
Engage in our clever skill-based Puzzle Action!
Roll around and calculate by easy (!) math's your way through various beautifully crafted levels.

Whitewater X-treme

Take the ultimate Wildwater Racing Challenge!
Find the fastest racing lines through narrow canyons and waterways with their powerful water currents and obstacles!

Sardine Run

Into the blue: Undersea preys & predators - partake in the Ocean life survival struggle!
Dive down and take part in the natural phenomenon of undersea wildlife. Download and play the game now from Google Play

About us

Fresh & Fancy. FarbWorks.

FarbWorks is an Austrian based independent game development studio founded in 2015 by four industry veterans and gaming enthusiasts.

FarbWorks is committed to making high-quality games with an emphasis on originality, innovation and art to create captivating game experiences on mobile devices.

Since the day we started, we have been exploring the new potential of gaming applications, especially on mobile. We are working to put our passion and our principles into action, in order to provide enjoyment and distraction to our user's lives.

We value creativity, art and quality (and a touch of crazy) ? in everything we do, it's for us the essence of creating compelling and engaging products.

Years of experience in the games industry
Title references
Thousand downloads
Cups of coffee per month

The Team


Amelie Clement

Business & Corporate Development

Amelie is an experienced software industry executive with expert knowledge from 10+ years in the interactive entertainment industry. She is advisor to gaming companies from start-ups to major enterprises and VCs.

Amelie led Business & Corporate Development, Publishing and Product Management functions for companies like JoWooD, Xendex or Airwin Entertainment (A1/Telekom). Brand names included AAA projects like SpellForce, Gothic, The Guild or Redbull games and various mobile products.

David Lechner

Head of Development

David has been working as a technical artist and programmer for almost 10 years.

At Greentube he was involved with and responsible for vital parts of the now well established Ski Challenge game series.

His wide ranged skills and profound knowledge form the technical backbone of the team.

Miguel Marn

Creative Director

Mig has more than 15 years experience working in the games and advertising industry for companies like JoWooD and the Greentube.

As a creative mind he constantly comes up with ideas and pushes them ahead.

He also teaches 3D graphics and game development at a renowned Viennese technical school.

Christian Schleining

Marketing & Controlling

Christian has been working in the IT-business for over 10 years. His activities included consulting, project management and marketing for companies like IBM, Bwin and Greentube.

He speaks Chinese and has established a well defined network in the Asian markets over the years.
In his spare time he is involved in creating and running community services in Vienna.

Contact us

We would love to hear from you!

Send us an email to office@farbworks.com