ARITHMANIA, the logic challenge:
The game that leaves you hungry for numbers!

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Engage in skill-based MARBLE FRENZY and munch those numbers!
Play Alpha, the marble Wanderer, and roll your way through the logic marble maze.

Train your brain: memory, simple math operations, logic challenges & creative thinking: Find combinations that work best in the right order: gulp numbers, select operators at the right moment and at all times avoid the toxics & danger zones!

Moreover to those logical quests, dexterity, memory and reflexes are required while controlling Alpha to chase & catch the scurrying marbles.


Players control Alpha, the marble Wanderer, through an original blackboard maze, eating up marble characters along his way that help him solve logic puzzles through easy math operations.

Alphas numerical value changes accordingly to those operations as does his size. Plus/minus Operators and numbers add up or decrease his value, so do multiples.
Divisions are special: Alpha can split himself up and create new marbles!

When all operator and number marbles are combined correctly in the right order, Alphas value and size corresponds to the number trap that opens to a new room. Alpha is then taken to the next stage.

Operator marbles provide Alpha with the temporary ability to gulp the blue number marbles. He flashes bright red and The Blues become intensely attracted magnetically.

Careful with those operators. They become too easily attached and then operations might be lost!
Also, morph The Toxics, your green marbles, by making them eat the Greens and Blues. Move them to trigger exits opening.

Win your marble food - the one with number additives!

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